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“中西方文化差异”用英语怎么说 中西方文化差异,英语是:cultural differences between china and the west 例句:本文从中西方文化差异的角度出发,通过对商标翻译实例的分析,概述商标翻译的原则,介绍了几种常用的商标翻译法,并就其

似乎都有点那啥恕直言,先从中文说起1.文化差异≠不同文化(different culture,再说,即使这样写,culture也该复数吧),中心词为“差异”,宜difference in cultures,difference between cultures,culture difference(推荐)2.西方,the West,足够啦,West大写,特指西方社会、西方国家,是否首字母该大写?综上,中西方文化差异culture difference between China and the West简明、完整这样足够鸟,亲

The Difference between Chinese and Western Culture Different nations have different cultures during the long developing history. Various cultural factors resulted in different language forms. According to observation, analysis, and study, the

不同意用“culture shock ”!“culture shock” 标准译法是:文化冲突culture shock 强调了两种文化之间的冲突(conflict ), “差异”不代表“冲突”,所以个人认为用culture shock 不妥,甚至会引起双方的矛盾."中西文化有差异",一般有如下两种表达: There are cultural differences between China and the west. There are differences between chinese and western culture.

American and Chinese culture in the responses for a hostess are at polar opposites. An American hostess, complimented for her culinary skills, is likely to say, “Oh, I'm so glad you liked it, I cooked

中西文化的差异 一〉、价值标准的差异 在众多的文化因素中,价值观是核心内容之一,价值观表现为某些符合社会文化,具有持久性、稳定性,为社会成员所普遍接受的信念.中西方价值观的差异:无私奉献与自我为中心,谦虚谨慎与个人奋

The ddifference of culture between Western and Chinese请采纳,谢谢

In modern society, there is no obvious difference in everyday's life .They are only used to doing something as their customns in daily life in different countries.I want to talk it in the following three parts.They are food, dressing and living styles. 在现代

一个德国人图解的中西方文化差异用英语怎么说参考译文:A German illustrated the differences between China and western countries by photos.不懂欢迎追问!

Culture Differences between East and West

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