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句子不难埃 if类型的条件句,以及do some execrises,固定搭配。 唯一一个反倒是reach for a cigarette。这里的reach表示:伸;伸手,意思是伸手就拿烟。

全错 应该是: 66 A, delicious 定语,修饰food 67 B, dead 表语 68 A, nicely 状语修饰动词treat 69 C, 宾语从句 70 D, 条件状语从句

If you need a tablet, I suggest you to use sangjuganmao tablets,wipe off heat and little side effect

It is not too much to say {that an educational philosophy [which profess to be based on the idea of freedom] may become as dogmatic as ever} was the traditional education ( which is reacted against). ever表从前,和从前一样武断 -...

Is "thank you all the same" equals to "thank you just the same"?

I have not washed my head only in order to snow for you

理解英文长句的3技巧 1. 巧妙创建断点 ◆在创建断点时,没有必要非要按照句子中的标点符号来断,要谨记:句子语义的完整性才是判断断点的唯一标准。 例1: Do you remember all those years / when scientists argued that smoking would kill us...


你好,为你诚挚解答! Tony was 15 last year. Sam visited his uncle last week. I went to the Tianzhu Mountain instead of the beach yesterday. They went to the summer camp last month? I could swim when i was five. 求采纳O(∩_∩)O

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