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whom you could。。。是定语从句,修饰friend like your thoughts, like就是介词,意为如……。 understand what you are going through==understand sth what引导宾语从句 i wonder if 引导宾语从句 it is because sth that i have 强调句型

全错 应该是: 66 A, delicious 定语,修饰food 67 B, dead 表语 68 A, nicely 状语修饰动词treat 69 C, 宾语从句 70 D, 条件状语从句

If you need a tablet, I suggest you to use sangjuganmao tablets,wipe off heat and little side effect

你好,为你诚挚解答! Tony was 15 last year. Sam visited his uncle last week. I went to the Tianzhu Mountain instead of the beach yesterday. They went to the summer camp last month? I could swim when i was five. 求采纳O(∩_∩)O

最简单的句型: 主语+谓语+宾语。 如I,you,we,he都是主语,谓语动词如are,play,try。 宾语就是做动词的宾语,俗称动宾结构。 I am piaying games。 然后像疑问句,否定句都是从最基本的句子转化的,以小见大,容易会了难得基本会了。(具体...

I have not washed my head only in order to snow for you

没错,此处的connected 的确是表示被动。 主动结构是 connect A with/to B,变成被动即为 (A) be connected with/to B。 句子翻译如下 如果这根电话线连接到你电脑上,你就可以上网了。

这根本没有 因为不同的话题 开头都是不一样的 难道你能找到语文作文开头的万能句子吗

He is busy working at school, but he never forgets to give a call to his mum every day. You'd made a mess in the room, you'd better put it back in order. Hundreds of people like to go to sea on holiday. They spend many happy ho...

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