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记述放假一天的英语作文带翻译90字1.winter vacation plan How time flies(时间过得真快),unconsciously(不知不觉地) the next winter vacation (寒假)will soon

英语作文《》90字带翻译初一水平的MY holiday I was busy enough!First,I had to do my homework ,It took me 3 days.But I didn't compare it because I

五一三天放假都干了什么的英语作文90字go to beijing yerstoday.i see great wall and so on .i'm very happy because i see a old red man. he is 95 years

倒霉的一天英语作文90字,带翻译day of my life,I woke up at 6:55 in the morning and realised I woke up 5 minutes before my alarm clock,so I deci

英语作文:我的暑假!90字I found myself become much more tan. Who cares! It was my happy time, when I finished all the things. I went out


英语作文,90字左右,带翻译.To learn English better,first,we should read a lot of English articles.Second,we needn

记述放假一天的英语作文带翻译90字记述放假一天的英语作文带翻译90字 扫码下载作业帮拍照答疑一拍即得 答案解析 查看更多优质解析 举报 特别推荐 二维码 回顶部2021 作业帮

holiday in space英语作文【初三水平不少于90字i am still can not believe that i am taking up the prize that i won last yeari

帮我写下英语作文放假了,你和几个同学约好骑车去郊游Mr.wanghello,I'm here writing to you to invite you to join our cycling trip.Mr,

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