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假设你是张华,你的朋友王平感冒了。给他一些建议 英语作文 I'm sorry to tell you that I'm not feeling well today. This morning I went to see a doctor and he told me that I had caught a bad cold. He also asked me to stay in bed for two days. So I can't go to school today and tomorrow. Zhanghua 中文意思

Last week I caught a cold, so I had to stay at home from school. My mother thought I had a flu. She asked me to see the doctor. I hoped I would get well soon, because I didn't want to miss school.First my head started an ache, and then I had a fever,

I am sorry to hear that you are ill. I think you should get up early every morning. You should play sports .You should eat healthy food like fruit, vegetables and so on. Aggs , meat. milk and chicken are good for us, you should usually eat them .you shouldn

好友: 1.good friend2.hail-fellow3.A pal; a buddy 我们是好朋友. We are good friends 他们甚为紧密 They are at hail fellow.我相信他会成为我一生的好友. I believe he will be my lifelong friend 他想跟他的老朋友开个玩笑 He thought to come a trick over his old pal

Dear Sally, It is said that you have a serious cold these days. Please take good care of yourself.I hope you will recover soon. When I have a cold, the doctor tells me to drink more hot water than usual. Hot water is good for your health especially it helps

Hi, WangPing,How are you and what is the latest?I have a great time in the university. I have a fullfilling sex life in the campus dormitory and my English had improved tremendously after I learn how to baiduyixia. I think you must also baiduyixia and the

dear peter,thank you for your email.i am very glad to hear that you would like to learn chinese, then we will exchange by chinese. i look forward the day.regarding learning chinese, i would like to make some suggestion for your reference.firstly, taking

I hear that you have a hard time in learning English.Here are some following suggestions.1、Read English magazine2、Listening to English songs to memorize the words 3、Doing lots of listening practice4、Taking an English notebook5、Read the textbook.你可以参考以上几条建议 自己再加以修改

[图文] 假如你是Tim,你的朋友Larry感冒了,请你根据以下提示用英语写一封60字左右的电子邮件给他:给他一些建议,并祝他身体健康; 你的理想职业是将来做一名英语老师并说明理由; 你的英语老师给你

Dear mary, Thanks for your letter.Now,let me tell you the life from my school.I`m from No.3 school,and my school life is too hard.I speak English every day.I usually gets up early in the morning.Then Ido morning exercise in the open air.I study very hard,

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