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篮子里有很多苹果 thErE ArE ___ ___ApplEs in thE...

为什么篮子里会装满苹果? Why would a basket full of apples?

变成一般问句是:Are there any apples in the tree? 原句: Th

苹果的英文是apple,对应的音标是英 [ˈæpl] 美 [

no more than,至多;只不过……而已 好好学习天天向上

Five apples. [faɪv'æplz] 5个苹

I gave another two apples to him I gave two more

there are four apples on the table 桌子上有四个苹果。 重点词汇

有以下几种问法: 1、What或How about eating an apple? 2、Would

apple trees正确

like to do 偶然性,短暂性的喜欢 like doing 长期性喜欢 所以用 li

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