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我要和你在一起英文翻译如下: I Wanna Be With You 与狼共舞英文版极品慢摇(CD) Dance craze 舞动狂潮 I wanna be with you 我要和你在一起 Unbreakable 无敌至尊 I will speak to you in Names service 我要和你在一起 I will speak to

我要和你在一起= I want to be with you. 错了你来骂我!!!

我要和你在一起i want to be with you我要和你在一起,我今天什么事情都不做.i'll come with you. i don't have anything to do today.

really want to be with you

你好,可以这样说,I want to stay with you 谢谢你的提问,望采纳,谢谢

I will be with you ,I want to be with you ,I will be with you forever.

你好i want to be with you.(正式)我想和你在一起i wanna be with you .(不正式)我想和你在一起i hope i can be with you forever.我希望我能永远跟你在一起.i love to be with you.我喜欢跟你在一起.希望对你有帮助,谢谢

i want to be with you 我要跟你在一起 就是这个

我想和你在一起 I want to be with you.

你好!I can't do without you.一个意思 我没你不行上面几个翻译的太死板了如有疑问,请追问. | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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