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I think the best way of learning English is speaking as much as is some advice for you.First, We should try to listen to the teacher carefully . After class we should go over the lessons. And do our homework on time carefully.If we have

How to learn English well? Maybe some people donot know how to learn English . English is a popular language in the world at the moment. First, you must know the worlds and master the phonetic (音标)..Learning English words is very easy

At first,you should list an outline about how to master english in order to have clearer mind and ideas. 1,have strong desire and interest to study english well; 2,armed with absolute confidence that you could conquer english; 3,diligent,hardworking,be

How to learn English well?It's true that to learn English well is every English learner's dream. How to learn English well? You know “interest” is the key to study lessons


People to learn good English is a gradual process, learning to keep the accumulated knowledge of English words phrases including how to use pinyin sentence when the state to consider sentence. Since English is the language should be more

English is very important subjecj at school so we should learn it well.Learning English just like learning other language, is hard work so I spend lots of time on it every day. I listen to the teacher carefully,review what is learned regularly, prepare each



How to learn English well We can do these to learn English well. First, read Englsh in the morning every day. Second, listen to our English teacher in class. Third, go over English very often because it is very useful. Of course, we can ask others if we | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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