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中国剪纸艺术 英语作文

作文是应该自己去写的,不然自己不会尝到什么东西.以下仅写几句关键句给你吧.1.Chinese paper art(中国剪纸艺术)/Chinese papaer cuts has a histroy of over 2000 years.2.It is very popular in different parts o

chinese paper-cutting art

Paper cutting is a traditional art in China which has been making its way along the route of the long history of paper. The kind of art went after the invention of paper in Han Dynasty, once became one of the main form of arts, and was popular to the

Chinese paper cut has a long history of over 2,000 years. It can be seen in different parts of China. Many people, no matter young or old, are fond of it.People in northern part of Chinado well in making paper cut. They cut paper into different shapes,

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Let the Chinese traditional culture is profound, deep is far stream long. Today, I want to introduce the traditional culture is the paper-cut!There are many kinds of paper-cut, such as: the window, like flowers, fireworks, shoes, flowers, door raft, bay state

您好Paper cutting is one of China's most popular traditionalfolk arts. Chinese paper cutting has a history of more than 1,500 years. It was widespread particularly during the Ming andQing Dynasties.People often beautify their homes with paper

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