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Nothing is so BEAutiFul But it BEtrAys somE DEFECt...

Nothing is so beautiful but it betrays some defect on close inspection Nothing is so beautiful 主句 没有那么漂亮but 状语从句引导语 假如,但是it betrays some defect 从句 显现出缺陷on close inspection 状语 在仔细观察之下

success is to create the conditions when needed, just as that kind of bird flies across the pacific ocean with a simple twig to base itself on for survival and flight. 成功就是在没有条件时去创造,就像那种飞越太平洋的小鸟靠一小截简单的树枝立足,生存和飞翔.

此句属於 否定词+but的结构,此否定词后的but相当於which not, that not, who not等的否定意思,和前面的否定词构成双重否定,表示肯定之意.此句中的it might have been worse的might be(do)worse是一种虚拟构词,意思是(还不是最糟的),因此Nothing is so bad but it might have worse.的意思就是:事情再糟,总还不是最糟的.也可以是"塞翁失马,焉知非福"的意思

不成句.是短语拼凑的.Her smile is so beautiful but it doesn't belong to me.

这个情景很美丽, 但是它对我来说永远是没意义的.

是这个嘛??歌曲:Beautiful 歌手:Patrick Nuo 歌词:Like a thunderstorm on a summer day She came out of nowhere and that can say She′s a supernova shinin′ through the night A never sleeping satellite She′s a damn good reason for the sun

我倒是知道avril的《innocence 》有it is so beautiful 也很好听

没什么 除了 i eat nothing but an egg我什么都没吃 除了一个蛋 任何东西除了 i can eat anything but eggs 我什么都可以吃除了蛋 everthing 跟anything 不同的是 everthing通常指大方面的东西 而anything 通常指一个 或一小部分东西 someting 跟anything也很像 不过是局限一部分 i can eat something but 有些东西我可以吃 除了因为有些可以吃 所以不能吃的东西有很多 but后面要接很多东西 all but 跟 everthing but 一样 all 比较口语化 everthing 比较正式

歌曲名字《Nothing Broken But My Heart 》歌词如下I've been over you for some time now baby I don't miss your kiss like before now anymore now If you asked me how i'm doin' i'm fine All i needed was a little time So if you still think that i still need

nothing is more important than 是个常用的短语,意思是:没有什么比 更重要 the face 意思是:(这张)脸 nothing is more important than the face that…… 也就是:没有什么比 这张脸更重要,用这个造句觉得有点别扭,例如: nothing

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