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宋美龄美国国会演讲英语文稿drafts when he is such a well-known and acknowledgedly fine speaker. His repl y to me was that sometimes he writes 12 drafts of


帮忙翻成英文From the international community international private law lawmaking and formed or attended of international convention to see,

如何提升考研英语作文水平,哪些句式会让人觉得很地道Be surprised at 换be amazed at 或者一些闪光句背诵。如It is unversally acknowledged+that从句 世

有什么高考英语作文万能句式?s more=moreover而且 additional此外 in addition另外for instance例如 It is universally acknowledged

考研英语作文怎么准备?1.It is universally acknowledged that + 句子~~ (全世界都知道)It is universally acknowledge

“众所周知” 英文翻译“众所周知” 英文翻译:as everyone knows 词组解析 “众所周知” 在英文中被翻译为 as everyone

请帮我翻译成英文,不要复制粘贴那些翻译器上面的。所以,请of the typical earthquake insurance system that are from abroad . The earthquake mode that was acknowledged internationally to

请英语高手帮帮忙翻译下!!感谢!!I can not find a paradise pick less than the moon I am sorry to disappoint you Your desire to be very difficult for

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