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Don't be worried!是个祈使句,其实这里的be happy that the thorn bush has roses也是同样的结构,只不过省略了Don't而已,that the thorn bush has roses. 的happy的宾语从句,在某些表示人的感情的形容词后面可以有宾语或宾语从句.


He is very happy that his daughter plays the piano very well.

I am sorry that我很抱歉例句1.I am sorry that your mother is not there for your Birthday, but I do know thatshe would want you to be happy on your Birthday.我很遗憾你的生日你母亲无法陪你度过,但是我知道她也想要你生日快乐.2.I am sorry that i haven't written to you in so long, so your apology is alwaysaccepted!我抱歉我给您未写那么长期,因此您的道歉总被接受!

convinced是一个形容词 把它看成 believed是believe的过去式 及物动词加that 引导的也是宾语从句 be convinced 看成be happy be sorry be sure都可以 是一个词组 sure sorry 等形容词不能单独使用 所以要有be动词 而believe本身就是一个及物动词了 所以不用加be动词了 否则一个简单句出现两个谓语动词 是犯语法错误的

Be happy with what you are doing!祈使句.翻译:对你手头的事情感到高兴吧!


1.Take the second turning on the left. 在第二个转弯处向左转.2.I asked the way to the station. 我

I like for you to be still 聂鲁达 Pablo Neruda (智利) I like for you to be still: it is as though you are absent and you hear me from far away and my voice does not touch you It seems as though your eyes had flown away and it seems that a kiss had

be happy的形式主要有: be happy with 和在一起感到快乐; be happy to 甘于;乐于; be happy for 为感到高兴; be happy in (幸好)有…; be happy that 很高兴. 造句: free to be happy with elizabeth. 自由而幸福地同伊丽莎白呆在一起.

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