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一、引导原因状语 从句 的从属 连词主要的有because, as, since,for,seeing (that), now (that), considering (that),in that等:The woolly shrank because it was washed badly. 毛衣因洗得不得法而缩水.I can't get to sleep because of the noise outside.

because 英[b'kz] 美[bkz,-kz] conj.因为 [例句]Because I like cartoon characters.因为我喜欢卡通人物.

because 中文发音类似于:笔考字 读音:英 [b'kz] 美 [b'kz] 单词词义:conj. 因为 例句:Maybe they just didn't want to ask too many questions, because they rented us a room without even asking to see our papers 也许他们只是懒得问太多的问题,因为他们都没要求看我们的证件就把一个房间租给我们了.

bi' ke z 是美语发音,老美在口语对话和非正式书写(如 email / chat )有些时候根本就把 because 说成/写成 'cuz 发音正如你说的 ke z

because adv.因为 Because 多用于表示直接原因 for [fC:; fE] prep.[表示目的]为了 struggle for existence 生存竞争 go out for a walk 出去散步 [表示目标、去向]向, 往 leave for Shanghai 动身去上海 the train for Dalian 开往大连的火车 passengers


because 美 [bkz];英 [b'kz]conj.因为;原因;由于;强调后面的是原因.例句1.Because he said he wanted to work with you.他说他想跟你合作.2.She was very much put out because we had not invited her to the party.她非常生气,因为我们没有邀请她参加聚会.3.Because he was absent for two weeks, the other students in his class areahead of him.因为他缺了两周课,其他同学都超过了他.

英文原文:because 英式音标:[bkz] 美式音标:[bkz]


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