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Following this

1. evaluation2. confusion3. apply4. tend5. trend6. applicable

A. come C. have come another three letters 是复数,所以不能用comeshave done sth.所以have came 错误

是让你根据短文内容 推测接下来应该写什么,相当于根据原文续写的意思吧

This is the following sentense which l made in Chinese class.

这个禁令实施后,消费者应该减少用塑料袋,自备一个环保的布袋买东西Following this ban,customers ought to cut their frequency of usi肠沪斑疚职狡办挟暴锚ng plastic bags,instead,they take cloth bags with them.

用作形容词 (adj.)1. The following item is a piano solo by Jackson.下一个节目是杰克逊表演的钢琴独奏.2. It rained on the day we arrived, but the following day was sunny.我们到达的那天正下雨,但次日天气晴朗.3. Please choose from the

你好! the days that followed这一短语中,that followed是一个定语从句,that是引导词,作从句的主语,followed作从句的谓语(过去时态),整个定语从句修饰先行词the days ; the following days这一短语中,following 是现在分词作定语修饰days.

如此类推such-and-such或:依此类推the rest may be deduced by analogy

I have been following this american drama series since season one. 不要加episode 因为episode是一集的意思而你要说的是第一季. 不然你也可以说 I have been following this television show since the first season.

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