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forward market英[f:wd m:kit]美[frwd mrkt][释义] 期货市场;[例句]They had quit the forward market to deal spot.她们已经放弃了期货市场,转向现货交易.The forward market is facing a dramatic change.中国期货市场面临重大变局.For some time, the futures market twists and turns quite a concern.一段时间以来,期货市场的暴涨暴跌颇引人关注.

Going shopping is fun I like going shopping very much!Because it can make me happy and relax.The supermarket is very large,There are all kinds of things.I can buy what I want to buy.I often buy some junk food.Maybe it isn't for my healthy,But I like it

i like shopping.i go to shopping about twice a week.i go to shopping all buy a lot of food every time.there are a piece of candy 、a carton of ice cream、a bag of chips、chocolate、chicken and cookies.maybe it isn't for my healthy,but i like it

today is sunny.i go shopping with my friends.we went to shopping mall. we go to see many t-shirt.they are colorful and beautiful.after that we went to have last we buy a black t-shirt,a bag and,we are happy!

Forward rate,分别可表示外汇买卖中的远期汇率,或者债券中的远期利率.远期汇率(Forward rate) 又称期汇汇率是远期外汇买卖所使用的汇率.所谓远期外汇买卖,是指外汇买卖双方成交后并不立即交割,而是到约定的日期再进行交割的

FuHua shopping mall

The GSS has started about 1 month ago, and now then only managed to get myself some free time to do alittle shopping. Below are my buys for the day My first ZxRx Shirt. I have wanted to get myself something from ZxRx ever since this brand

go shopping作文I don't like going shopping because there are lots of people in the shops. I don't like to wait in line to pay for the things I want to buy. I think going shopping takes lots of time. I'd rather stay at home and read books.

anything without it.And then,we should have know what we will buy,which will save us a lot of time while shopping.Then,we should be aware of the wether so that we won't be soaked through.At last,we shoul have some friends with us.They will make that day more interesting.

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