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get 某人 on the phone 叫某人来听电话 如:Can you get him on the phone now? (get在这里相当于“be"动词,起联系的作用,可以不用翻译) 出处:五大基本句型之主系表结构的句子中一定要有联系动词!!!!!!!!!!!

get off the phone挂上电话.get off:英 [et f] 美 [t f] 离开;下(车、马等);发出;(使)入睡例句:Can you get off the phone? I have to make a call.你能不能放下电话呀?我想打个电话.Would you please get off the phone?您能挂上电话吗?Let me know when you get off the phone.你用完了电话,请告诉我.Some people get chatty and are hard to get off the phone.有些人喜欢聊天,而且很难让他放下电话.

on the phone[英][n fun][美][n i fon]<口>在打电话,在接电话; 例句:1.Booking tickets on the phone is a basic part of business travel. 打电话定票是商务出差的一个基本组成部分.2.It certainly beats trying to get a meeting or even reach them on the phone. 与试图同这些人面谈甚至打电话找到他们相比,这种方式无疑效果更佳.


The Use of Mobile Phone in Class Mobile phones are the main invention of modern technology. If we look at our college, we can see that all kinds of people are using mobile phones. Maybe they have many advantages, but they also experience


She got on the bus and picked a seat up front.她上了公车,找了个最前面的座位.Let's get on the bus one by one.让我们一个一个地上车吧.You pay the driver as you get on the bus.上车时,把钱交给司机.I want to get on the bus and buy a bus

he's been trying (get)you on the phone他试图接听电话

正确的说法: on the phone. 例如:I'm on the phone. 我正在通电话.

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