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macaw英 [m'k] 美 [m'k] n.金刚鹦鹉

djed 节德柱 The djed (Ancient Egyptian: d , Coptic jōt "pillar", anglicized /dd/) is one of the more ancient and commonly found symbols in ancient Egyptian religion. It is a pillar-like symbol in Egyptian hieroglyphs representing

egyptian hieroglyphs埃及象形文字网络释义bai1. 埃及象形文字2. 圣书体如果du您有什zhi么疑问dao和不解之处,欢迎追问我!如果您认可我的答案,请采纳.您的采纳,版是我答题的动力,权O(∩_∩)O谢谢

" Long called for the" name "." The first Chinese dragon culture Lanzhou organizers and sponsors of the forum - Dragon Culture Research Institute of Lanzhou, executive vice president of Mr. Zhang Kefu. In the West and the myth of the

1.人们无论走到哪里(Wherever people)---这个和你的翻译不对啊.你应该说wherever people goes(必须加一个动词,那句话相当于no matter where people goes,其中动词的形式是根据具体时态决定的)2.因为中国人遍布全


Chinese characters generated from the simple description of human beings and natural scenery such as trees, rivers and mountains in remote antiquity , all these forming the basis of pictograms. Oracles, carved on turtle shells and animal bones,

Scientific Name: Panthera tigris altaica Alias: the Siberian tiger, the East Asian tiger, Manchurian tiger, Amur tiger, the tiger ussuri, the Korean tiger, the Asian tiger. Siberian tiger is the largest body of existing colla cat species (with the exception of

"The city in water,with the city in the water is the biggest characteristic of lijiang.The bridge and the water is therefore become part of the city residents (1997).Located in northwest yunnan naxi counties of lijiang,is the naxi residences.Here,a famous

Ancient Egypt Ancient:古老的 Egypt:埃及 口语里有的时候也直接说old Egypt,但Ancient比较正式

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