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host country是东道国,一般指发起一个活动或比赛的国家 home country是祖国,完全不同的意思

In the east of China, there is a small cityHaimen. I was born there. Today, I am telling you about my hometown. Haimen is not far from Shanghai. It's at the mouth of the Changjiang River. Haimen is a modern city. There are lots of high buildings


Position in Home Country 在国内的地位 双语例句 1 Because demarcate and concern the sovereignty and vital interests of home of everycountry concerned in the ocean, we should adhere to this basic position of fair principle. 由于海洋划界关系到各当事国家的主权和切身利益,应当坚持公平原则这个根本立场.

Position or Title in Home Country在国内的职位或头衔双语对照例句:1.Voluntarily absent from home or country. 自愿从家乡或祖国出走的人. 2.Expelled from home or country by authority. 被政府从家乡或祖国驱


> 04.乡村路带我回家 (Take Me Home Country Road)萨克斯的

My Home ChinaI feel very proud to be a Chinese,because I love my home country,China.As is known to all,China has the largest population across the globe.It covers an

完全可以.问题是出题人不应该把它们(home和hometown/ homecountry )放在一起供你选择,否则就是出题不严谨.看来,你的英语语感不错.

My _ _ home is in the country (乡下). The air there is fresh and it is _ _. My house is very beautiful. _ _ three floors. There is a river _ _ my house and behind _ _ is a big garden. I can _ _ trees and flowers | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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