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i Am A AmEriCAn stuDEnt什么意思

i am an american student 我是美国学生 双语例句 1 I am an American, also a university student. 我是美国人,也是大学生。

I am a new student in Class 10. 11 name is Gina Brown. My 12 name ...A. are B. for C. about D Julia is 31 American girl . She is 32 ...

I am an American college student here. I met with Carl Baker and started a conversation with him at the bar. After 30 minutes of talking, I found out about his recent hardships and his rent return from the war in Iraq. It seeme...

i'm a middle school student from america. 我是美国中学的一名学生。 双语对照 例句: 1. In america, after middle school comes high school, which includes grades 9 through 12. 在美国,高中在中学之后,它包括9年级到12年级。 ---------...

可以说成:I'm English.但不可以说成I'm an English. 而I'm a Chinese. I'm Chinese. I'm a Japanese. I'm Japanese. I'm an American. I'm American 都是正确的。 总结:English代表人的时候,有点类似于复数,你只是这些人中的一个。因此你不...

用American American是“美国的(adj),美国人(n)”的意思 而America是“美国(n)”

Where are you ?

~My nationality is America. (我的国籍是美国) ~I am from America. (我来自美国) ~I am a boy from America. (我来自美国的男孩子)

您好,都要加冠词的,例如 an English man an American a Chinese a French man

He is a American

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