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irreversible 英 [r'vsb()l] 美 [,r'vsbl] adj. 不可逆的;不能取消的;不能翻转的1.There was nothing the doctors could do to give me back the use of my legs. The paralysis was complete and irreversible. 医生对恢复我双腿的功能

irreversible[英][rv:sbl][美][rv:rsbl]adj.不可逆的; 不能翻转的; 不能倒置的; [法]不可取消的; 例句:The recently signed power-sharing deal underscores this and also adds that land acquisition and redistribution is irreversible. 最近签署的权力分享协议强调了这一点,而且还说获取土地和重新分配是不可逆转的.

atmosphere[英][tmsf(r)][美][tmsfr]n.大气,空气; 大气层; 风格,基调; 气氛; 复数:atmospheres1.The damage to the atmosphere would be irreversible.爆炸对大气的影响还是无法挽回的.2.But the atmosphere is toxic. Anyone who went outside would die almost instantly.但是大气是有毒的.任何人走到外面几乎会立刻死

irreversible process英[rv:sbl pruses]美[rv:sbl prss]不可逆过程不可逆过程1Heat conduction is an irreversible process, and its optimization follows the least dissipation principle of heat transport potential

general atmosphere 全部释义和例句>> 大气atmosphere 英[tmsf(r)]美[tmsfr]n. 气氛; 大气层; 大气,空气; 风格,基调;全部释义>>[例句]The damage to the atmosphere would be irreversible.爆炸对大气的影响还是无法挽回的.

中文释义:(法语)既成事实同义词:accomplished fact.英语解释 an irreversible accomplishment 中文意思 1. 童话(故 事).2. 不实之词;谎言fairy-tale adj. 童话的;童话式的.


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