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米卡的any other world结尾和blame it on the girls的开头都有独白,但作为一个迪斯科舞曲relax.take it easy会有独白吗?


"受累"帮你翻译啦~歌曲:Relax, Take It Easy放轻松Took a right坚持正义to the end of the line走到防线的最底端Where no one ever goes那个没有人去过的地方Ended up on a broken train with nobody I know站在这个充满陌生人的火车上But the

Relax (Take It Easy)contains a prelude monologue to "Any Other World") Mika 百度不能直接发链接 可能会显示不了地址发你百度消息了请刷新页面后,查看页面下方工具条里,或页面右上方【消息】→左上【站内消息】→【陌生人消息】,

Same day i want to dress for wedding Same day while i won\'t married What happened, He\'s go meeted another girl While he was married another girl, I was very very sad I can talk like God take my legs How he\'s made a different lady, I no believe.

米卡放松放松 这些你试试~保证可以~简单 复制就可以了~ 希望满意~ 祝您生活愉快~

歌曲:Relax, Take It Easy放轻松 Took a right 坚持正义 to the end of the line 走到防线的最底端 Where no one ever goes 那个没有人去过的地方 Ended up on a broken train with nobody I know 站在这个充满陌生人的火车上 But the painand the


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