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not only后的句子都要倒装吗

not only放在句首,后接句子时要用倒装结构:(1) Not only should proletarians emancipate themselves but also the whole mankind.无产者不仅要解放他们自己,而且要解放全人类.(2) Not only does television appeal to those who can read but ...

not only 放在句首时,要部分倒装(借助助动词)。如:Not only do we come to school on time every day ,but also we must work hard.

not only加倒装,but also不倒装 例如:Not only do I need these books but also I need some dictionaries. 亲:高老师祝你学习进步,每天都开心V_V! 望采纳,thx!

不需要,因为现在在重点转到because上面了,按照正常的句子顺序写出来就可以了。 例如: That is not only because England is the first country that has constitution, but also the constitution of England has its bright characteristic....

不需要的。not only放句首,句子要倒装。

not only but also 不但, 而且, 在句首要倒装。


望采纳 是 以下为详细用法) “not only … but also …”是一个并列连词词组,其意思基本等于“both … and …”,但侧重点放在“but also”上,另外该词组使用时须遵守一定的规则,如要求对称,倒装及主谓一致等。以下两个句子往往被看作是欠妥或错误的...

因为有suggest,所以要加should。 I suggest 可以省略,not only 还是相当于句首的

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