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overwhelmingly是一个副词,用来修饰动词或形容词 意思是:压倒性地、势不可挡地drawn是一个形容词或者动词draw的过去分词意思是:画得好的、被吸引的所以一个副词+一个形容词是无法组成一个词组的一定还有其他成分你没有写上来,多放点上下文才能翻译




只有overwhelminglyadv.1.压倒性地,不可抵抗地 None of the other ideas seems overwhelmingly be convincing. 看来其它观点不具有压倒一切的说服力. The House of Commons has overwhelmingly rejected calls to bring back the death penalty for murder. 下议院以压倒性的多数驳回了对谋杀罪恢复死刑判决的呼吁.如对于我的解答有问题,欢迎继续追问~如果满意,请点击“采纳为满意答案”,谢谢:)

negative英 [negtv] 美 [ntv] adj.消极的,否认的; [数]负的; [心]反抗性的; 无预期结果的n.否定词语; 否定的观点; 消极性; [摄]底片vt.否定; 拒绝1The news from overseas is overwhelmingly negative. 来自海外的消息特别不容乐观.2When asked for your views about your current job, on no account must you be negative about it. 被问及你对自己目前工作的看法时,无论如何不要流露出消极情绪.

区别: be afraid of doing/sth. 意为害怕,恐怕,担心 be afraid to do sth. 意为不敢做……事 be afraid of [英][bi: freid v][美][bi fred v] v.害怕,担忧; 怖; 例句: 1、i used to be afraid of the dark. 我以前害怕黑暗. 2、most ceos

句中assume的意思是“呈现,取得”,用英文解释是:to take or begin to have (power or responsibility).assume这个词有两个意思:其一是“假定、假设”(suppose to be the case, without proof); 其二就是“呈现、取得”.

英文原文: What I Have Lived For Bertrand Russell Three passions, simple but overwhelmingly strong, have governed my life: the longing for love ,the search for knowledge, and unbearable pity for the suffering of mankind. These passions, like

whelming [hwelm] v. ①使覆没( whelm的现在分词 );淹没;压倒;压垮 overwhelmingly [英] [ovhwelml][美] [ovhwlml] adv.压倒地,无法抵抗地

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