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nothing much doing:不会有多大的举动,as the situation cooled somewhatEventually,it became what the reporters call a watching brief、监督的协定.随着局势的缓和,它终于成为记者们称之为观察,只是随时可能有麻烦,but always the possibility of trouble

1.possibility:Is there any possibility that you'll be back by the weekend? 周末以前你有可能回来吗? 2.I can't stand your dullness any more.我再也不能忍受你的愚钝了.3.The happy days at school reawoke in my mind as I saw the picture.当看到这

make sounds [释义] 发出声音; [例句]The discovery that frog tadpoles can make sounds also raises the possibility that a host of aquatic larvae communicate in a similar way.青蛙的蝌蚪能够发出声音这一发现,也提高了许多其他水生动物幼仔以同样方式沟通的可能性.

it's a rainy day.

Yesterday,it rained so I was stay at home all day.用过去时即可.rained是下雨的过去时.

他已经意识到学习的重要性:he has been aware of the importance of study

1. there's no doubt that he will win the match.2. no wonder he has made rapid progress recently.3. there's no need (for you) to come so early.4. there's no possibility that he will attend her birthday tomorrow because he hates her.

She gets very upset if I exclude her from anything. 要是有什么事情我不让她参加,她会非常难过.柯林斯例句库2 He asked if I had left with you, and I said no. 他问我是否和你一块儿离开的,我说不是.柯林斯例句库3 Sometimes, that standard is

Bamboo can be made into paper. 竹子可以用来造纸. ========================================= 希望可以帮到你哦!望采纳 谢谢!O(∩_∩)O

people are little aware of environmental protection.

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