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so-called [英][s k:ld][美][sokld] adj.所谓的,号称的; 双语例句 1 Reading the ideas of the so-called experts, I am not surprised the country is in such a state.读了这些所谓的专家的想法后,我对于该国的这种现状一点也不感到奇怪了.2 To be sure, a so-called “ manufacturing Renaissance ” will likely come in trickles as opposed to waves.当然,所谓的“制造业复兴”不会一蹴而就.

所谓的 He is just a so-called friend.他只是一个所谓的朋友.

当用在表达感情色彩的句子中多用来表示讽刺意义. 2.用在一般叙述性语句中时是不带有感情色彩的1

called[英][k:ld]v.叫( call的过去式和过去分词 ); 通电话; 认为; 估计; 网络打电话的人; 打电话; 被叫; 双语例句 1We children called her Oma, accenting both syllables.我们这群小孩叫她Oma,两个音节都重读.2His behavior was called provocative and antisocial.他的行为被认为是煽动性的和反社会的

so-called的意思 adj.所谓的,号称的 同义词:alleged,supposed.英语句子 This so-called bargain is just a con!这种所谓的大减价不过是个骗局!This so-called committee is nothing more than a figure-head. 他们这所谓的委员会只是一块空招牌.Is there so-called the seven year itch between two friends?朋友之间有没有所谓的“七年之痒”呢?so-so 主要意思是“ 还行,就这样呗,凑活” 等意思.


句子和形容词的区别.so-called 只要理解为“所谓的”就可以了.This is so-called professional? 这就是你所谓的专业素质?I don't accept your so-called concept of "love". 我不接受你所谓的爱的含义.基本上,so-called 用来修饰名词,用法

so called expert 所谓的专家所谓的

so-called 是所谓的 的意思 例: This is so-called middle school 这就是所谓的高中

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