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suitable是形容词 be suitable for 或者be suitable toThis is not suitable to my taste. 这不合我的口味.The dress is perfectly suitable for the party. 这件裙子超级适合那个聚会.This book is suitable for children under five. 这本书适合五岁以下的孩子.

suitable,意为适当的 近义词.合适的、适宜的 反义词.过度的

It requires that 有的必要require sth. of sb.对某人有的要求require sb. to do sth.要求某人做某事

fight for为……而战 for ever永远 for company陪着 for a song非常便宜地 for certain确切地 for example例如 for all尽管 beg for请求 be anxious for急于做 be bad for有害于 be convenient for便于 be

It's suitable for sb. It's suitable to do. sth is suitable

prefer是及物动词,可以加名词或者动名词作宾语,prefer sth to sth/prefer doing sth to doing sth 表示前后两件事相比较,更喜欢前者 rather than 是连词短语,表示而不是,与prefer连用时,只有一种用法即prefer to do sth rather than do sth ,更喜欢做前面一件事,而不是后面那件 第二种用法是不存在的

一、be popular with 读音:英 [bi: ppjul wi] 美 [bi ppjl w] 受…欢迎1. The reporter is popular with his audience.这个报告者很受听众的欢迎.2. She's a lively child and popular with everyone.她是个活泼的孩子, 大家都喜欢她.二

mercy killing=安乐死;mercy plane= 救援飞机;mercy seat=【宗】约柜上的金板;上帝的御座(施恩座);mercy mission= “mission of mercy”的变体=救援行动;mercy corps=慈善队(一群训练有素的美国红十字会的志愿者,准备协助在突如其来的灾害) 有用请采纳

make a mistake in sth在某方面犯错误mistake A for B把A错当成Bremedy a mistake纠正一个错误mistake in diagnosis误诊an egregious mistake大错by mistake.错误地.admit a mistake承认错误a spelling mistake拼写错误a reciprocal mistake彼此相反的错误a pardonable mistake可原谅的错误a palpable mistake明显的错误a grievous mistake严重的错误a ghastly mistake极大的错

compete against表示“与…对抗” compete for表示“夺取…” compete with表示“对…抗争”.

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