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take it out on me把它拿给我具体音标take it out on英 [teik it aut n] 美 [tek t at n] me英 [mi] 美 [mi] 中文谐音:忒克 e特 敷特 ang 密重点词汇take it out on泄怒双语例句She's the one who offended you. don't take it out on me. 是她得罪了你,可别在我身上出气(=气可别出在我身上).希望对你有帮助

您好,很高兴为您解答:take it out on me中文解释:拿我出气.意思是把我当出气筒.如果我的回答没帮助到您,请继续追问.


歌曲名:take me out 歌手:masha qrella 专辑:analogies take me away(我走) i cannot find a way to describe it its there inside all i do is hide i wish that it would just go away what would you do?you do?if you knewwhat would you do?all the pain

歌曲名:Take It Out On Me歌手:Thousand Foot Krutch专辑:Welcome to the Masquerade (Fan Edition)Take It Out On Me - Bullet For My ValentineOh\/\/\/Yeah!!!!!I'm always thinking of youAnd all the things that you doSelf-centred satisfactionNo

可以翻译成“不要拿我出气”,take it out on sb 就是埋怨xx,拿xx出气的意思. 所以是对的. 望采纳!

take it out on 把自己的愤怒发泄在一些物件或他人身上 双语例句 1.Don't take it out on me. 不要把怨气发泄在我身上.2.A: Be angry all you want. Don't take it out on me. 你尽管生气, 别把气出在我头上就是了.



when you're angry, take it out on me 当你愤怒的时候,把气出在我身上重点词汇释义when当时; 什么时候; 在那时; 其时; 如果; 在…时; 既然; 那时; 时间,时候; 日期; 场合angry生气的; 愤怒的,发怒的; 刺目的; 发炎的take it out on泄怒 | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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