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tAkE up造句

take up意思是:拿起;吸收(水分);溶解(固体);开始从事;占据(时间,地方).造句:拿起,捡起,举起,拔起;拿走:1.She took up the receiver and began to dial the number.她拿起听筒开始拨电话号码.2.They took up arms and

take up造句(用作动词 (v.) She took up the receiver and began to dial the number 她拿起听筒开始拨电话号码.When did you take up Japanese as a second foreign language?你什么时间开始选修日语作为第二语言?It is necessary for us to

take up v.拿起, 开始从事, 继续, 吸收, 责备, 拘留, 占据, 认购 例句 Take up 开始从事,占据 dye up-take 上染 Take up a point 接谈一个话题.Jurors formally take an oath to take up office.陪审员们正式宣誓就职.Balance probably take up shortly.剩余的部分,可能不久将购齐.

拿起; 抱起2113 He took up telephone receiver and began to dial. 他拿起电话听筒开始5261拨号码. 占去 I won't take up much of your time. 我不会占用你很多时间. 接受4102(提议) I'd like to take up your offer of a ride into town. 我愿接受你的1653邀请, 搭你的车进城. 继续 I put the telephone down and took up my work again. 我放下电话继续干我的活.

It takes up my a lot of time to play games

she took up the receiver and began to dial the number.她拿起听筒开始拨电话号码.

He takes up his career by selling newpaper.他的事业开始于卖报纸.The box takes up much room in my study.箱子在我书房占据了很大空间.

I take up skating.我学着滑雪.因为up是介词,所以up后的动词要用ing形式.

It is a challenge he has to take up. 这是一个他必须要扛下的挑战.

1. 开始从事 When did he take up football? 他是什么时候开始踢足球的? 2. 占用;化去 The work took up all his time. 那工作花费了他所有的时间.

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