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happy mother's dayMy mother is a village woman, who is already in her fifties. She had very little school education, but she knows that knowledge is of great importance to young people. She often asks me how I get along with my studies and

Love from mother(来自母亲的爱) My mother is not a star, nor is she a movie star. She is just an ordinary teacher, but I admire her most.I remember once I hit my car on my way home. My mother took me to the hospital for examination. The doctor

People alwas say that mother's love is the greatest of is true of the love from my mother. Mother loves me in every aspect of my life. For example, since the school is far away from my home,I have to get up very early every morning when I wake up,

My mother is most important person in my life. She is an inspiration to everything i do. I would not call her friend, but she is an extraordinary person. She has been my life since I was and she will be always be in my life no matter what happens. She is

I love my mother My mother is beautiful , she has a long curly black hair . She is busy . She gets up at around six thirty , then she makes breakfast . Next she goes to work by bus , one day work begins . Later , she goes back to home . She looks very

when i sat at the desk, trying to write the essay, i found it hard to set pen to paper. staring at the topic i deliberately chose for myself "my mother", i felt the memory of 20 years with my mother suddenly turned into a haze, blurring my eyes to discern

My mother is a businessman. She worked from Monday to Saturday. Her busy daily lives. I love my mother, it is often said that life is like acting, everyone has their own story. Who gave me the opportunity to begin the first page of my life? My mother,

People always say that living is like acting and everyone has their own stories. But who actually gave me the chance to started my first page of life? My mother, a wonderful woman who gave me life and showed me kindness. She did blame me when

I love my motherMy mother has taken care of me since I just was born.she washes my clothes , cooks each meal for me by heart . when i am ill , she is the most worry and take medicine to me. she taught me how to be a person .i love my mother!

I love my motherMy mother is of medium height. She has a long hair and she ia slim. I think my mother is very beautiful. My mother is a middle school teacher, she teaches a.m and go back home at 5 p.m. On weekend she often goes to see my

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