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wE got it lAst yEAr

We got it last year.意思是我们去年就得到了.

是sarah connor 莎拉蔻娜的么?我暂且就先认为是她的了 just one last dance最后一曲 just one last dance.oh babyjust one last dance 最后一曲 哦 亲爱的 最后一曲 we meet in the night in the spanish café 那个夜晚 我们在西班牙咖啡馆相遇

Last Christmas DayI had a very happy Christmas last year.I spent it with my parents.We got up early that day.My mother cooked delicious food for me.I enjoyed it very much .My


I am sure last year must be an unforgetten year in my life.Spring let everything wake up,besides me.I wore a smile and faced the first day of the new term.I worked hard this term so that I made great progress.As time went by,summer was comming

Last year I sent you some samples. But maybe you forget. I have contacted with you many times after you received the samples without getting any feedback from you. We have spent some efforts in every

Plan for the New Year 新年计划 A new year has come.In order to have a fruitful year, I make a plan for it.Firstly, I must study hard as much as possible. After all, study is the most important for me.Secondly, I will take more exercises.I always got illness

什么(事情或东西)让那年特别.翻译为last year,me and my family ate some dumplings and we did some fireworks.I got some money for new year and we visited our friends

"hey XXXX! its nice to see you once again! remember that dinner last year where we were eating together?"- :“再次见到你很高兴!去年我们见过一次,还在一起吃过饭,有印象吗?”"Cheers,Mr Jones" 我敬你 MR XXXX"You have to try thi

During May Day last year, you and your mother to hangzhou for holiday; You spent more than three hours to get there by coach; Hangzhou is a beautiful city, there are many places of interest; In that enjoying the scenery, he can't help took a lot of photos; You stayed there for a week; You travel the feeling | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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