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4 4拍E E #F #F B B E 降E#C #C #F #FA B E EE E B B降B 降B A E ED C没有更详细的谱子,楼主按感觉来把、

找到了试看看X Japan - Without You 六线谱这段重复两次* [------------------ | ----------------] [-------9-10-9----- | ----------------] [---------------9-- | ---7--9--7------] [------------------ | ------------7~--] [---12------------- | ----------------] [------------------ |-----------------] *继续下去 [---- 《With or without you》的吉他谱

Intro: C C/B Am G Dm E Am Am Em/G As long as stars shine down from heaven F C And the river runs into the sea Dm Till the end of time forever E You?re the only love I need Am Em/G In my life you?re all that matters F C In my eyes the only truth I

INTRO: G Em Am7 D7GYou know I can't smile without youEmI can't smile without you Am7I can't laugh and I can't sing D7I'm finding it hard to do anything GYou see I feel sad when you're sad EmI feel glad when you're glad Am7if you only knew what

Intro: G-G/B-Am-/F-E-Am verse: Am G as long as the stars shine down from the heaven F Em and the rivers run into the sea Dm till the end of time forever E youre the only one for me Do cp in my life youre all that matteers in my eyes the only truth i



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